Social Marketing Techniques

Social marketing is the process by which organizations build customer relationships through the participation in social activities. Social marketing objectives are based on three universal needs: community, cause and product. The focus in this marketing is to make customers feel like they are part of something that makes a difference to them.

social marketing

Social marketing has the ultimate goal of reaching “common good.” Traditional marketing is primarily financial in nature, although they can also have positive social impacts. In the case of public health, social marketing can promote community wellness, increase awareness and motivate behavior change. For example, if you’re launching a new anti-smoking campaign, you might want to include information about second-hand smoke and how it affects your community. By monitoring the results of your campaign, you can learn from it and use similar tactics in the future if you find success.

A recent study showed that a large social marketing campaign could improve the uptake and success rate of a nonprofit campaign against Lung disease. In this study, smokers were given the option to sign up for a free annual lung disease screening. After this screening, they were offered a booklet about the disease and told that they could receive more information about it at a later date. Those who chose to register for the lung disease screening were found to be more likely to take advantage of the offers. Those who chose not to sign up were also less likely to purchase the literature.

By monitoring the changes in health behaviour of those who signed up for the health screening, researchers learned that social marketing campaigns could be effective when promoting a cause that many people believed in. This strengthens the case for studying social marketing because the success rate was very high. Those who opted in and began to change health behaviour exhibited increased levels of enthusiasm for the campaign. They also changed their behaviour, which increases the likelihood they will choose to continue the good work done.

One of the most successful social marketing campaigns to date focuses on smoking cessation. In Australia, the Stop smoking campaign highlights the negative health effects of smoking using graphics, slogans, and images. Another major social marketing campaign focuses on the dangers of second-hand smoke by displaying images of cigarette butts. Both of these campaigns have achieved remarkable success in reducing tobacco consumption. These campaigns highlight the need for individuals to change their behaviour so as to enjoy a healthier life.

Health information is a key component of social marketing because many people are unaware of the fact that smoking is a serious health risk. Without the right information, they cannot make informed choices on how to avoid smoking. If you want to change behaviour, the first step is to acquire the right health information. Through the information you learn, you can develop new behaviours that help you live a healthier lifestyle. The other option is to visit a local health information provider for further information on this important subject.